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Thank you so much for your booking with us. We are delighted you have chosen one of our exciting experiences! Please find below some useful information about our meeting point and the different ways to get there

♦♦ Before you continue reading we kindly ask you once again that in case you cannot attend to one of our tours or you arrive with delay, please contact us, either by email at or call / text message / Whatsapp / iMessage to our 24/7 emergency number +34 646 543 5661 Instagram @welovemalaga. Not charging deposit or full payment upfront is a matter of trust, let’s keep it like that! ♦♦

Our meeting point is at Plaza de la Marina 2, Málaga – Spain right outside McDonald’s. Why McDonald’s? Well, we have to say that if you are taking one of our food tours, this fast food restaurant is not one of our stops, sorry! We’ve chosen this location because everybody in Malaga knows McDonald’s and in fact is the only one in the Old Town means one thing: EASY REFERENCE. By the way, you can enjoy the free WiFi access provided by McDonald’s as well as the using the toilets while you wait for your guide 😉
Note that we don’t wear uniforms, flags or umbrellas, but no panic because we will recognize you and you’ll recognize us! Just wait outside McDonald’s right on the corner and we’ll meet you there at the scheduled time, not later or earlier, right on time!
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How to get to our meeting point?
CAR | Parking in the city center is difficult and confusing, we highly recommend public transportation but in case you come from outside the city with your own car there are many underground car parkings around the Old Town. They are marked with a “P” (parking) and the closest one to our meeting point is Parking Plaza de la Marina (underground), right underneath our meeting point. Please pay attention because the entrance is a little bit confusing. Other good options are Parking Avenida de Andalucia (by El Corte Inglés) or Muelle Uno. To avoid any delays please plan your trip to Malaga upfront, in rush hours there are some traffic congestions at the entrance of Malaga. Note that the new Metro is under construction and getting to the city center by car can be really hard, expect traffic jams, so try to be in advance in our meeting point.
TRAIN |  Malaga has a main Train Station called Estación Málaga Maria Zambrano (long distance trains for destinations as Madrid, Sevilla, Cordoba and Barcelona) and a little train station for the local train that comes along the coast, also known as Cercanías. This train comes from Fuengirola to Malaga Centro passing by Benalmádena, Torremolinos, Aeropuerto and many other stops, get off at the very last stop Malaga Centro – Alameda and take the exit to Calle Alemania, from there walk thru Alameda Principal and at the very end (10 min walk) is Plaza de la Marina. If you are coming from the Main Train Station Málaga Maria Zambrano you can either walk (20 minutes) or take a bus to our meeting point (bus #20 right outside the Malaga Maria Zambrano, 1,30€ per person)
CRUISE SHIP | We have two cruise terminals in Malaga, one that is very close to our meeting point (less than 3 minutes walking). This terminal known as Muelle 2 or Palmeral is mostly used by Windstar Cruises. 99% of the cruises which dock in Malaga arrive to the cruise terminal known as Levante, further than the first one mentioned before. How do you get from Terminal de Levante to our meeting point? There are three options:
  • Walking (35 minutes). Once you leave the terminal, look for the big white lighthouse, from there walk thru the open mall – promenade on your left and by the water till you reach the park of Malaga (the big park you can see from the distance right in from of you). Once you get there go to the main Tourist Information Office, located in Plaza de la Marina, across the avenue you can see McDonald’s that is our meeting point
  • Shuttle Bus (5 minutes). You have buses right outside the cruise terminal provided by the Port Authority. It costs approx. 4 Euros per person round trip (exact fare appreciated but not mandatory, they provide reasonable change, like 5 or 10€ bills). This bus will take you to Plaza de la Marina, look for the main Tourist Information Office and across the avenue you’ll see McDonald’s.
  • Taxi (5 minutes). Probably the easiest way to reach our meeting point, right outside the cruise terminal there is a taxi stand. Cabs in Malaga are white with a blue stripe. You don’t need to arrange the trip, they use meters by law, some of them even accept credit or debit cards, displayed outside. You will pay around 8 – 12 € for the taxi, depending if it’s weekday or Sunday – holiday