5 + 1 Recommendations to really enjoy Christmas in Malaga

101 Christmas in Malaga

Christmas is already around the corner. We all agree that every year the lighting starts many years before, this year will last 40 days to be more exact, so from We Love Malaga we will help you organize your visit to the Historic Center of Malaga much better to enjoy better this magical moment. Below you can find our 5 suggestions to fully enjoy Christmas in our (your) town

Larios Street with Christmas lights

Christmas Forest in calle Larios

  1. Music and light show in Calle Marqués de Larios | what? this is the cherry on top of the Malaga Christmas decoration and this 2019 the city will display a new show of lights and music called “the Christmas Forest” with 22 vaulted arches and 730,000 led lights that can be enjoyed both during the day and the spectacular night display of lights and music | when? The official lighting of the citywide lights takes place on November 29 at 6:30 p.m. until January 5, 2020 | where? Next to the sculpture of the Marquis of Larios | What frequencies will it have? daily, with pass at 6:30pm, 8:00pm and 9:30pm | insider’s tip obviously the most spectacular is seen from Calle Larios next to the Marquis sculpture or from Plaza de la Constitución, but this area is usually quite crowded. If you want an immersive and less crowded experience, we advise you to enter one of the side streets such as Bolsa, Marín García or Moreno Monroy, to give you some examples
  2. Christmas Market in Plaza de la Marina and Paseo del Parque | when? new market that apart from the traditional Christmas market of the Paseo del Parque joins in the Plaza de la Marina | where? Paseo del Parque (north sidewalk) as well as the Plaza de la Marina | when? officially opens on November 29 and will be installed until January 5 | insider’s tip get lost in this market and enjoy the Nativity figurines as well as all the costumes and joke items.
  3. Nativity scenes itinerary in Malaga | when? There is nothing more ours than a good Nativity Scene. Malaga is no exception and offers you many options to enjoy them like the famous Nativity Scene of the City Hall, the Cathedral or the well-known Belén de la Mosca. Do not miss either those who usually ride in the home San Juan de Dios in the Plaza de los Mártires as well as those of the brotherhoods like the Sepulcro and a very long etcetera. As an addition this year, the Carmen Thyssen Museum opens its Neapolitan Nativity Scene that you can not miss as well as its famous choirs that will perform on December 4, 13, 18, 20 21 and 26
  4. Projection in the Walls of the Alcazaba Fortress | what? For the first time our Alcazaba will display a new “video mapping” that will recreate a Christmas story projecting lights and sound along with music. It will tell the story of a girl who lives in the current moment and will highlight values such as solidarity, companionship, generosity or gratitude | when? The start coincides with the official lighting of the lights throughout the city takes place on November 29 at 6:30 p.m. until January 5, 2020 | where? Alcazabilla Street next to the Roman Theater of Malaga | What frequencies will it have? Daily, like the Larios street lights, with a pass at 18:30, 20:00 and 21:30 | insider’s tip come soon to occupy a good spot and thus be able to enjoy it better, like the railings that overlook the Roman theater.
  5. The new Alameda Principal and its Enchanted Tree | when? Do not miss the dazzling Christmas decoration that this year premieres the Alameda Principal de Málaga, with led on the trunks and branches of its centenary ficus as well as its flower stalls and almond trees illuminated in bloom. Also as a novelty, this year will show a new light and sound show where the story of a girl who tries to return her lost splendor to a tree (a giant) is told | when? daily at night time | where? The ficus closest to Larios Street and the Marquis sculpture | How often? will last 5 minutes | insider’s tip strolls along its side promenades, enjoy the flower stands, have a sweet wine from Malaga in the Antigua Casa de Guardia to warm the body, some tapas at the Bar – La Marina Restaurant or a “Escalofrio” (Cold and hot Ice Cream) in LaCaló, the new Alameda ice cream shop
  6. Join any of our tours during this Christmas holidays | We will help you to know and understand much better Malaga from a local point of view. If you are looking for food tours, historical walks or you want to escape Malaga and discover incredible cities nearby, we are your tour company. We offer tours in English language as well as German, Italian or Spanish language. Follow this link to see what options we have for you!

Travellers enjoying the great weather in Malaga


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