I’m the brain of welovemalaga, the one who created and developed the company, from the name to the Website! I was born right after the “excitement” of our young democracy in 1978 when we approved our new Constitution

My passion is…
  • Traveling around the World
  • American & Spanish History
  • Cooking all kind of food
  • My two cats, Harriet & Gingerbread


I am the father of Victor and Damian, and I have been touring groups since 30 years ago. I love showing my city, and my wife is even happier because I’m away from home while I’m doing tours! I train everyday & walk 16km /10mi

My passion is…
  • El Camino de Santiago
  • Wine and good food
  • Traveling to remote places
  • Did I say wine?


Well, I’m the last addition to welovemalaga, passionate about what I do, I have been guiding since 10 years ago something that I truly love. I’m a real foodie, always looking for the best tapas of course paired with the best wines!

My passion is…
  • Motorbikes
  • Good food with good friends
  • Extreme sports
  • Basketball, NBA and NCCA

About Us

What is welovemalaga?

welovemalaga is a small family business, created in 2012 as a young, modern and excellence oriented project in South Spain. We are passionate about what we do. Our goal is that you feel Malaga as a part of you
Whether you are visiting Malaga, Costa del Sol or Andalusia, we want to be your company

What make us different than other companies?

  • Licensed tour guides (according to Spanish law) all Spaniards
  • During our tours we don’t carry flags, signs or shirts with advertisement, WE-ARE-LOCALS
  • Ready to get lost? find places just known by the locals? Controversial topics? You are in the right place
  • Just one language during the tour, you book in English, your guide and participants will speak in English
  • Small group tours up to 8 people, period! Are you a larger group, contact us! we can create a tailor made one for your party!
  • We are travelers as you are, we know your needs and expectations. We will avoid the kind of boring tours where the guide does nothing but just talk, talk and talk. We love to interact with locals, visit markets and avoid stupid shops where they offer endless products demonstrations and flamenco aprons, our best commission is your satisfaction

Our goal is very clear: Exceed your expectations!

And of course we think about you and your upcoming tour, that’s why we have prepared here some useful info before you travel