Frequently Asked Questions

Is advance deposit required? Can I pay with credit card or other currency different than Euros?

No, advance deposit or prepayment is not required*, our policy is to trust our travelers. Tours must me booked in our contact form, we accept bookings even one hour before our tours start. We just accept cash in local currency, Euros
*Except selected tours or bigger groups, we may require deposit or full payment in advance

What happens in the unforeseen case I can not attend the tour?

In case this happens (we hope no!) we kindly ask you to contact us in advance, as soon as possible, either by email or emergency cell phone number available 24/7 +34 646 543 566

Is there a waiting list if the tour is sold out?

If a tour is sold out on a date you want please contact us and let us know how many are in your party and which date you are interested in. Sometimes we add another tour on the same day given enough demand so it doesn’t hurt to ask!

Are tapas included in the price of our Food Tours?

Yes, during our Gourmet Tapas Tour or our Flamenco and Tapas Tour all tapas advertised on each profile are included plus one drink on each stop that can be wine, soft drink, water or sherry.

Do you operate tours in the rain?

Yes. The tours are held rain or shine. You should dress appropriately for the day’s weather conditions and bring an umbrella if necessary. Luckily the weather in Malaga is very pleasant and we have warm temperatures, around 15C / 59F in cold months (December to February) and 25C / 77F in warm months (March to November).
In the rare event that we cancel the tour due to weather, you will be able to reschedule to another time/date, we are very flexible.

Cancellation policy by welovemalaga

We reserve the right to cancel a schedule tour although welovemalaga will make every efforts to maintain the normal operation. Guests will be informed ahead of time and will receive different alternatives.

On your Food Tours, do we just walk around and sample food?

Our food and culture tours are so much more than that. Our tours center around areas that have wonderful, rich history and architecture. Visitors learn the history of Malaga and the many influences that shaped our culture, as well as artistic and architectural information unique about the area. The tour is fully narrated by your licensed guide who will discuss history, culture, architecture, entertaining tidbits, and “off the beaten track” locations.

What type of cuisine can I expect on the tours?

You didn’t come to Malaga to try a cheeseburger! You will experience and learn about cuisine native to the city and region.

How much food/drink is served on the tours?

Our Food Tours provide tapas and drinks, enough for most people to feel comfortably full afterward.
*Participants must be 18 years or older to drink alcohol in the European Union.

Should I eat anything before the Food Tour?

Didn’t your mom warn you about spoiling your appetite? We don’t recommend eating anything immediately before your tour, as food and drink on the tour is enough for most to feel full afterward.

Vegetarians, Gluten Free, Allergies and Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Guests who are vegetarians, or have other dietary restrictions, as well as non-alcoholic drinkers, can be accommodated on all our tour offerings with advanced notice.
We actually are wonderful at accommodating some dietary restrictions but must know in advance so we can prepare adequately for those needs. In most cases guests will still experience local cuisine on the tour that fits in with their dietary needs. (NOTE: the tour price will remain the same, even if non-alcoholic versions are provided.
Unfortunately we cannot currently adapt our gourmet tapas tour for those who do not eat gluten as an ingredient in a tapa.

Can a child/teen/eldery guest participate?

ELDERLY GUESTS: We invite the whole family to experience our tours. However guests should note that our tours are between 2 or 3 hours in length and feature a lot of standing and walking.
Good news! The city center of Malaga is totally flat and level, with no cobble stoned streets but shinny marble pavement.
CHILDREN/TEENS: We offer tours for both children and adolescents (and kids under 3 are free if they don’t require their own portion of cuisine) so families are definitely welcome on tour. However, keep in mind some children/teens have a limited attention span and may not enjoy the historical and cultural aspects that are a part of our tour offerings (especially the standing/walking involved across the 3 hour tour), but we ultimately leave it up to the parents to decide if our tours are right for them.

Wheelchair accessible?

The whole city center and all places we visit are wheelchair friendly.

How many people will be on tour with me?

As an intimate, personalized boutique tour we have anywhere up to 8 PAX, depending the tour you book, more information enclosed on each tour page.

Would I see as much of Old Town Malaga if I go on my own?

The charm and beauty of this city is accessible to all, but only by traveling with an entertaining, knowledgeable tour guide will you thoroughly experience the culturally rich and historically-drenched area that is Malaga itself. Plus, on top of learning the story behind the narrow streets and key monuments and their significance.

How difficult is the walking / How fit should I be?

Our tours are between 2 and 3 hours in length. On average no more than a mile and a half are covered per tour.

Guest behavior

Guests are expected to be respectful of others on the tour and of the tour guide. Obnoxious inebriation and/or inappropriate conduct will NOT be tolerated and if a guest continues to act in a disorderly, offensive way they will be asked to leave the tour.

In what language are the tours?

Our tours are primarily conducted in English but can be conducted in Spanish, German or Italian upon request. The flags you see above on the right side will translate the Website in those languages. We don’t mix languages during the tour, you book in English, your tour will be just in English.

Can I book a Private/Group Tour?

Yes! Private tours are perfect for couples, family trips, team building, ice breakers, honeymooners, corporate adventures and more! Private tours are based on availability. Please see our Private Tour Page and send us a request. Note that our Gourmet Tapas Tour and Flamenco & Tapas Tour are private by default, but the more people you are in the party the less you pay. Other tours as the Walking Tour and the Malaga Walk & Taste have a limitation of 8 members per group. Larger groups available upon request.

Where do tours start/meet?

Upon booking you will receive detailed information about the starting location. If you are unsure, you may always call us in advance and we will help you locate your guide.

Do the tours start and end at the same place?

All our tours start and end in the same location as the starting point. *NOTE* the end and beginning of our tours are only a few blocks away from the cruise ship docks.

Is there parking near the tour meeting point?

Well, we have to say that parking in Malaga is a nightmare, the whole Old Town is pedestrian and car free, plus street parking throughout is not free and metered. In case you come with your own car there are a few parkings close by to our meeting point, all detailed information will be send once you book your tour.
We are an eco-friendly company, that’s why we encourage our travelers to use public transportation as local buses or trains.

Are bathrooms available during the tour?

Yes, bathrooms are available throughout the tours.

Do the tours include visiting monuments or museums?

No, we do not enter monuments or museums but should you choose to visit visit museums as Picasso Museum or Carmen Thyssen Museum as well as the Moorish Fortress, Roman Theater and Cathedral. We can offer this option on private tours upon request with extra charge.

Tips to make your cultural food tour more pleasant

Wear proper shoes for walking. Protect your skin from the strong sun by wearing sun block and/or a hat, even though most of our tour are through narrow streets. Please give advance notice of diet restrictions (allergies, vegetarians, etc.)

Does the guide accept gratuities?

Yes! Gratuities for good service are always welcomed and appreciated, but always at your own discretion.

Are cameras allowed on tour?

Yes, and we encourage photos on our fun, picturesque tours. Even video cameras or tape recorders are very welcome. But one condition, we want to be at least in one of your selfies! :o)

Transportation from the airport to the city center

You can find a transfer company from Malaga airport to any destination in Costa del Sol here

Time Zone Differences in Malaga, Spain

Malaga observes CET (Central European Time) that is GMT +1. To give you an idea:
1 hour less in the UK and Ireland, 1 hour more in South Africa, 6 hours more than New York, 7 more than Chicago and 9 more than San Francisco. 10 hours less than Sydney and 7 hours less than Singapore, Hong Kong and Beijing.
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