COVID 19 important information

Our commitment in We Love Malaga is not only to quality. 5 consecutive years with SICTED certification (Integral System of Tourist Quality in Destination) or 8 consecutive certificates of Excellence from TripAdvisor that gave us access into the prestigious Hall of Fame; Our commitment has always been, is and will be your safety. That is why we are registered and follow all the regulations of the Ministry of Tourism of Spain “Responsible Tourism”, Department of Tourism of the Junta de Andalucía “Andalucía Segura” and the Department of Tourism of Malaga “Malaga Safe”. We are ready to receive all travelers with maximum security

Safety rules by We Love Malaga:

  • No physical contact between tour guide and traveler, sorry guys, no hand shake! 🙏🏻
  • 1,5 meters / 5 feet social distance between tour guide and traveler
  • Face masks are mandatory for tour guide and travelers all the time, with exception for children under 6 and inside bars / restaurants in any of our food tours. Without face mask you cannot participate in any of our tours
  • Groups cannot be larger than 25 people including tour guide
  • Avoid crowded areas

Distinctions and certificates received

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